The Sales Toolkit – Part 1

A sales toolkit seems like something every new salesman should expect from their employer. Its content can vary but the main goal here is to allow the sales representative to be able to jump right in and start selling to prospects as well as shorten their learning curve.

During our shift to retail sales, we decided to brainstorm what documents/information retailers would need from Alfaliquid. To do this, we decided to imagine ourselves as retailers: what would we ask or excpect from an eliquid brand or manufacturer. So we reserved a meeting room and locked ourselves in it for 2 hours. Our first “workshop” was to list – without giving opinions or judging – the type of questions retailers could ask. That took us at least 1h and we came up with a list of 52 bullet points.

The next part of our brainstorming session was triaging the bullet points. During the process, we managed to narrow down the list to 39 points and sort them into 6 different categories:

  1. General 
  2. Terms of Sale
  3. Safety, Quality and Transparency
  4. Education
  5. Operations Support
  6. Marketing Support

Now while I’m writing this down, I just realized that maybe we focused too much on the customer and not enough on the product and how to make it attractive. Anyways, we’ll see later why I say this.

Finally the last part was about prioritizing the list: we used 3 different priority levels. This step was done in order to speed up the production of the sales material and allow us to get out there and test it asap. Hence, we only worked on priority 1 documents. All the other points were stored in a Google Sheet linking to each individual document that we would add one they were written.

In the end, we managed to build a solid list of documents and were ready to test them out in the field. Little did we know the feedback we would get: except for the terms of sale and the 1 page brochure, retailers didn’t care about the other documents like the best by date, the source of the ingredients, etc… Again, the immaturity of the vaping industry seems to triumph. All they are interested in is goodies, sponsoring local cloud comps, 70VG / 30PG juices and pricing. 

Lesson learned, sometimes better is the ennemi of good.

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